Montclair Mutual Aid

Some participants at MtcMA Community Picnic & Freeshop, 2023-08-20.
Get involved. Let us know:

  • what you or your neighborhood need,
  • any resources you can provide,
  • if you’d like to volunteer to help Montclair people help one another.

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Mutual aid is collective care. 

As neighbors, we share resources, work, care, and responsibility in support of one another. We build community power to change social and economic conditions.

Montclair Mutual Aid brings people together. 

We collect and distribute essential resources such as groceries, toiletries, appliances, and clothing to families and individuals who need them. We help community gardeners harvest vegetables for distribution. We partner with other groups such as Montclair Moms of Color, Toni’s Kitchen, and the Northeast Earth Coalition.

Mutual aid is solidarity – not charity. 

We’re all in this together. With unity, our community can address issues important to us, including:

▪ Food deserts, food apartheid, hunger
▪ Housing
▪ Covid-19
▪ Racial justice
▪ Transformative justice
▪ Police violence
▪ Gentrification
▪ Education equity
▪ Job opportunities
Building neighborhood economies and creating leverage for people’s well-being. 

By pooling resources together, we build community wealth. We save money and labor by working together to meet everyone’s needs. In the process, we strengthen relationships among our neighbors. We help our community control its own economy and determine its own destiny locally, rather than profiting private outsiders.

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