Volunteer signup – child in Clifton

Volunteer signup – Summer school rides for child in Clifton

Summer school rides for 3rd grader in Clifton needing assistance


Family in Clifton needs assistance

Hi All – We received a request for aid for a family in Clifton. The request came from an Early Intervention aid worker who was helping a child in the family with developmental delay issues. I spoke with the aid worker.

The child's mom has serious disabilities which have confined her socially and physically. The family also includes the child's elderly grandparents. They are immigrants who do not speak English well. Most of the burden of communication and responsibility falls on the grandfather, who is having health issues and is having surgery this week. Together this family of 4 has a variety of unmet critical needs. MtcMA has helped the family meet several of their needs (arranging delivery of food, toiletries, menstrual products from Toni's Kitchen). Their most urgent remaining unmet need is school rides for the child:

  • The child is starting 4 weeks of summer school (for 3rd grade) soon, after the regular school year ends. However, he needs transportation to and from summer school for those 4 weeks. The aid worker said that the Clifton school district will not provide transportation, and wondered whether MtcMA might be able to find someone to provide those rides.


Ride in Clifton from home to school
Start Time: 8:45am
End Time: 9:00am
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Ride in Clifton from school to home
Start Time: 1:00pm
End Time: 1:15pm
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